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Lost Science

the unicorn master

LostScience electronic music label based in Oakland California supporting local artists in our castle of rainbows and mushrooms.
Lost Science isn't about a scene, person, or your parents. It's about showing the world that most of the people who are making interesting music aren't signed to your (insert generic scenester record Label). Man everyone would like to get paid making music but let's face it most people who listen to electronic music and it's numerous subgenre aren't buying albums they are just going on the internet and getting it for free and why blame them? CD's and itunes costs too much money. The only people that are complaining about people stealing music are rich. We're not expecting to be come rich off of music. We just want to share are music ,with no one standing in between us and you. (evanMorris)
1)We are doing eps of unsigned internet artist, in the left wing electronic music scene. If you are interest in becoming apart of our lable send links to demos, track, etc to us through the email.
2)NOTE:We are free netlabel so, don't expect to get paid
3)If you have any interest in contacting us for any other reason please do. We like people!

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Lost Science
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This is a remix record of tracks from evanMorris - "the dark castle of the unicorns". 01-The_Uriah-bits The Uriah fires photon torpedoes. He is also to the limit. He grew up in Costa Mesa, CA and moved up to the bay area to attend school and get his BAS in Sound Arts which he will achieve in June 2008. Big fan of run on sentences, this guy. He floats in water. His arch enemies are TOFU and Happy Hardcore; and if Elvis IS still alive The Uriah plans...
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Topics: idm, glitch, breakcore, remix, mash-up, trip-hop, unicorns, evan morris, evanMorris, drums, techno,...